Wholesale SIP Trunking over the Internet

We provide reliable, flexible, high quality wholesale SIP trunking service which includes many features and benefits for Internet Telephone Service Providers.  Some of these advantages are:

  • We operate our own network! We are not reselling another carrier
  • We are a Florida company with 24/7 local, non-outsourced support
  • We do not require a long term contract; month-to-month service is available
  • Orders and service management are performed in our OSS portal with an easy to use, logical process. Live phone help is also available.
  • Telephone Numbers can be ordered, managed and disconnected via our industry-leading Application Programming Interface (API)
  • We can generally port phone numbers in a few days, not weeks
  • We can generally port toll-free numbers in a few days, not weeks
  • Our T.38 faxing works properly and reliably; we do not use LCR
  • No post-dial delay when calling through us; we do not use LCR
  • CallerID name and number works properly on 99% of calls
  • Using our portal or API, you can set the CallerID name for each number
  • Our 911 emergency service works exactly like phone company 911
  • Using our portal or API, you can set different names and locations for each phone number you have for emergency 911 calls so that responders reach the right customer location in an emergency
  • We offer several options for High Availability services
  • Our SmartMail FAX product is available wholesale with SIP trunking
  • Our Basic Conferencing product is included free with SIP trunking
  • Instant provisioning is available for most services in our OSS portal or API. Orders for new telephone numbers, toll-free numbers, SmartMail FAX, conference bridges, Remote Call Forwarding and more are instantly completed and service is working seconds after the order is placed.
  • SMS/MMS Texting can be configured for any telephone number on our network. Text messages may be sent and received using our Android/iOS mobile app, our web texting portal, or incoming text messages can be sent via email
  • Our network fully supports the T.38 fax codec
  • Our network fully supports the G.722 codec for high-definition audio
  • Our exclusive CallerID Corrector service lets you fix the CallerID Name for any number that calls you with an incorrect name. Now you’ll know who’s calling the next time they call!
  • Next-Generation 911 Emergency Services (NG-911) are included with our service at no extra cost. When properly configured, these features bring your service into compliance with recent legislation Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act, even if your PBX is not compliant.
  • Encrypted SIP trunks are available for security and for HIPAA compliance
  • Private, dedicated IP circuits are available as an alternative to the internet for highest reliability and security


Our SIP trunking services permit multiple customer switches/SIP endpoints to share trunkgroups. Routing labels can be created and managed in our portal to configure failover scenarios between customer endpoints and make routing changes in real time to quickly mitigate customer-side switch or network outages.

A 100.00 monthly minimum spend is required for wholesale accounts.

Higher spend commitments are afforded better pricing on all services.

About Us

Terra Nova Telecom is a member of the AstroCompanies family of brands. Terra Nova Telecom has been providing next-generation telecommunications services since 2006.

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