About Us

Terra Nova Telecom is a member of the AstroCompanies family of brands. Terra Nova Telecom has been providing next-generation telecommunications services since 2006.

Corporate Responsibility

As a small business, we take pride in our Commitment to Service Excellence. We strive to exceed customer’s expectations in everything we do. With more than 40 total years of experience in the telecom industry, our management team has carefully crafted a customer experience designed to avoid the most common things that other telecom carriers do that frustrate their customers.

As part of our Commitment to Service Excellence, here’s what customers can expect from us:

  • You’ll Never Press One for English. We’re an American small business, employing only Americans that speak English
  • No Language Barrier. All of our Team Members are located in Florida, and we never outsource anything overseas
  • We Operate Our Own Network. In today’s complicated telecommunications marketplace, there are sometimes multiple layers of resellers between the customer and the actual network operator. This often leads to customer frustration with long delays for service, repair, moves, adds and changes as orders and tickets flow up and down the reseller chain. We operate our own telecommunications network, reselling others only in rare cases outside our own network’s reach. Because we operate our own network, we can better control quality of service as well as provisioning and repair intervals
  • Prompt, Courteous Service by a Human. If you call us during business hours, you’ll always reach a team member who can help without long hold times, excessive button-pressing or frustrating robotic agents. Our repair hotline also provides prompt 24/7 access to a live agent who can help with repair
  • Billing Errors Quickly Resolved. Mistakes happen from time to time, but it’s our response to them that sets us apart. If we are notified of a billing error, we will resolve the issue quickly and fairly without making the customer file disputes month after month for the same issue
  • Modern Technology. We’re constantly upgrading and improving our systems and business processes to keep up with the pace of technology. We’re proud to offer one of the most advanced, featureful customer portals available today in the telecommunications industry. We also offer an industry-leading Application Programming Interface (API) to wholesale customers who wish to integrate their own technology with ours. Most of our services can be ordered, managed and disconnected by the customer directly in our OSS customer portal or API.
  • Timely Order Processing and Status Updates. Most orders placed in our portal are immediately processed and service is connected or changed in seconds. All orders are timely processed, and automatic status updates are provided to the customer. We’re proud to have one of the shortest order processing intervals in the telecommunications industry.
  • All Electric Vehicle Fleet. As part of our commitment to sustainability, our entire vehicle fleet runs on clean electricity instead of gasoline or diesel.
  • Powered by the Sun.  As part of our commitment to sustainability, we generate enough solar power using our own power generation to power our entire network, our electric vehicle fleet as well as our corporate offices every day of the year.

About Us

Terra Nova Telecom is a member of the AstroCompanies family of brands. Terra Nova Telecom has been providing next-generation telecommunications services since 2006.

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