Click-to-Port is available in most domestic US markets.  When a local number portability order is submitted in our Customer Portal to port telephone number(s) in to our network, and then a due date is confirmed with the losing carrier, the porting window will open at 8pm EST on the night before the due date.  For a 28 hour period, a button will appear in the Customer Portal to port each telephone number.  The customer may instantly port the number at any time during the 28 hour porting window without the need to contact our team.  This flexibility allows for number porting to be much more seamless and less stressful.  If the port is not activated  by the customer, then it will automatically activate at the close of the 28 hour window.

Our wholesale RESTful API also provides methods for checking to see which ports are ready to activate and for activation of porting per telephone number.

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