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If a wholesale customer does not have its own VOIP solution, our wholesale PBXperience service is the perfect replacement for your customer’s aging, outdated business phone system, or for a new company that desires cutting-edge features, best-in-class support and service, without any large up-front expense to purchase equipment. Designed primarily for businesses with 20 stations or fewer, PBXperience can scale anywhere between 1 and 500 stations depending upon your customer’s specific business needs. PBXperience is also perfect for a distributed company which does not have a central office where its employees work, has employees in several locations or with employees who work from home.

Until recently, the legacy model for business telephones involved paying a telephone carrier each month for phone service, buying a business phone system for your office, paying a consultant to help setup the phone system to meet your business goals and train your staff to use the system, and then also paying a company monthly or annually to support and maintain that system. The concept of Hosted PBX combines all of those functions and expenses into one, and consolidating them all into one service provider who handles the whole experience. This is what PBXperience does, and as a wholesale customer we will provide as many or as few of these components for your customer(s) as you desire. Here are some of the benefits of PBXperience:

  • Our PBXperience Mobile Smartphone app runs on Android or iOS devices, and makes it easy to place and receive calls and also SMS/MMS text messages from your PBX station while on the go.
  • Each station on the system can be placed anywhere there is a reliable internet connection
  • 911 Emergency Services works properly for each station, so that the station will reach the proper agency when dialing 911
  • We can provide inbound phone numbers in any city in the US that ring directly to PBXperience
  • We can provide one or more toll-free numbers that ring directly to PBXperience
  • Never a busy signal. PBXperience can handle any volume of calls that might come in
  • We will work with you to setup inbound call flows exactly as you desire, such as Interactive Voice Responder (IVR), workgroups, or queues
  • We can have your Interactive Voice Responder (IVR) and other greetings professionally recorded to match the system greetings voice
  • A company directory for callers to locate their party is provided
  • All stations on the system can dial each other by station number
  • Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) are provided on each phone for speed-dial and so that each user can see the status of others
  • Each station has a Direct Inward Dial number (DID) for callers who want to dial directly to their station
  • Each station can send its DID number as its callerID, or can use the company main number when dialing out
  • CallerID Name may be set on a per-station basis and works properly for inbound and outbound calling
  • Follow-Me feature is provided for each station, where the user can specify numbers to follow to when out of the office
  • Voicemail-to-email service is provided for each station, and voicemails can be heard on the phone or in email
  • Several varieties of music on hold are provided with PBXperience, and we pay the music licensing fees
  • Our Call Recording service is available to add to PBXperience
  • Our optional OTA High Availability solutions can be deployed to increase uptime and reliability in most locations
  • Both our outbound conferencing and inbound conference bridging solutions are provided free with PBXperience
  • Call records of all inbound and outbound calls may be accessed in our portal or using our API
  • Each of your customers is on an isolated system, so they cannot reach each other’s greetings or stations
  • SMS/MMS Texting is available for each station using the station’s DID number with our web-based texter application or the Android/iOS PBXperience Mobile Smartphone app
  • Call blocking is available in our Customer Portal to block nuisance calls from specific numbers
  • Video calling is an available option with PBXperience with purchase of a video-enabled telephone. Video calls can be made within the system, and also externally to other systems which support the video calling standard.

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