Wholesale Telephone Conferencing Solutions

There are essentially two types of telephone conferencing: Outbound Conference Calling and Inbound Conference Bridges.


We provide Outbound Conference Calling as a standard feature on our PBXperience hosted PBX platform at no extra charge for up to 8 call participants. Subscribers who need to have multiple people dial in for a telephone conference need an Inbound Conference Bridge. We provide Basic Inbound Conference Bridges to all wholesale customers at no charge, which can accomodate up to 99 participants.

In order to take advantage of the free Inbound Conference Bridge, a wholesale customer may login to our OSS portal (link above) and choose Schedule Conference Call from the General menu. After providing some basic information about the conference call, a dial-in bridge number will be issued for the call, which can be passed on to the end user. Each conference call has a specific dial-in bridge number that will vary from call to call, along with a PIN to ensure that only invited participants can attend.


We provide two types of dial-in conference bridges on a commercial basis for a nomimal monthly charge:

  1. Always-on conference bridges with local dial-in number
  2. Always-on conference bridges with toll-free number

Both of these products provide a single dial-in number that never changes, and the bridge may be used by the subscriber at any time without scheduling the call in our portal. However, the customer may choose to change the bridge PIN at any time to prevent attendees from attending the wrong conference.

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