Next-Generation 911

Our Next-Generation 911 (NG-911) service provides seamless, coordinated response during any emergency to ensure that emergency response is as smooth as possible. Developed in 2019 to comply with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act, when properly configured this service provides these additional features which the legacy Enhanced 911 (E-911) service lacked:

Notice to Site Contacts. When 911 is dialed, our system sends an immediate notice via SMS Text Message and/or via email to an unlimited number of site contacts. This enables on-site personnel to be aware of the emergency, its exact location and to prepare for the arrival for first responders.
Site Contact Messaging. Once a site contact receives a notice that 911 has been dialed, he/she can easily respond to the notice with a message that is delivered to all site contacts. Other contacts can also respond as needed, so that all contacts are kept up-to-date with incident progress.
Pinpoint Location. The exact telephone station and its location are transmitted to the 911 center, as well as to all site contacts. This eliminates confusion about where the 911 call originated in larger offices or campuses.
Historic logging. Each time 911 is dialed, an incident is created and all site contact responses are recorded and timestamped. These records are available upon request from the subscriber.

Our NG-911 service can be used with any telephone number we provide, or with numbers obtained from another carrier within the US-50 territory.

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Terra Nova Telecom is a member of the AstroCompanies family of brands. Terra Nova Telecom has been providing next-generation telecommunications services since 2006.

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